Third party litigation funding

What is third party litigation funding? When an organization runs into a considerable sized legal conflict or dispute, it can be advantageous to make use of third party funding to finance the upcoming legal costs. This can be for a variety of reasons such as not having the financial means or because of strategical reasons.

The costs of a legal dispute can be a huge (financial) obstacle for any company and it might cause unwillingness to proceed with the case, even though the case might be robust and a positive outcome would be probable. The reason for this is the costs that comes along with starting a legal dispute. This is where CCLP offers the perfect solutions. Claim Capital Litigation Partners provides third party litigation funding. We provide the financial means to cover all legal costs. We operate on no cure no pay basis. This means that when the case is won by our team, we will receive a commission. If the case is lost, then the loss will be ours and ourclient does not have to cover any of the costs.

CCLP gives you the opportunity to make use of third party litigation funding. This way, situations like contract breaches, bankruptcies, anti-competition cases or intellectual property infringements, can be sorted out in a solid case, without you paying for it.

Third party litigation funding by CCLP

By making use of third party litigation funding, the company in question can continue to do business and focus their capital on strategically more important opportunities. To be eligible to make use of third party litigation, the claim has to be at least €1.000.000 and it needs to have jurisdiction in The Netherlands or Western-Europe. We also ask for documentary evidence that proves you have a solid case. There has to be sufficient evidence from the defendant, otherwise CCLP is not able to pursue your claim.

The total package at CCLP consists of experienced lawyers and an international network of experts in various fields. If there is enough reason to pursue the claim, our team will do anything it takes to make it a strong case and increase the chance of winning the case.

The process of 3rd party litigation funding

Once CCLP has concluded that the chances of success are acceptable and we have accepted your case, we will start with 3rd party litigation funding. A fund will be set up to finance the claim and you will have an experienced lawyer by your side that will handle the case. When a claim is successfully litigated, CCLP will receive a share of the win. When the outcome isn’t positive, CCLP will lose their investment without recourse to the client.

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