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Claim Capital Litigation Partners (CCLP)

Over the last decades the number of litigations in the Netherlands and Western Europe has grown significantly and so has the need for funding. CCLP has recently entered into the market of litigation finance, and is backed, among others, by a major USA litigation fund. CCLP will assists those who have legitimate claims, but do not have the means, or the disposition, to pursue them.

What is litigation funding?

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Every company may from time to time run into conflicts and disputes.  Such conflicts and resultant claims may arise out of contract breaches, business torts, professional mal practices, anti-competition cases, intellectual property infringements, bankruptcies and insolvencies. Claimants may not always be able or willing to invest their time and money, even when there’s a high chance of a positive outcome. This is where CCLP can step in.

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A claim can be eligible for funding based on certain criteria. CCLP can provide funding when the claim:
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  • The claim will be thoroughly screened by CCLP’s team of experienced lawyers, and will be subjected to due diligence. When accepted, CCLP will make funds available in order to pursue the claim.
  • In exchange for provding the litigation funding CCLP will be entitled to an agreed upon percentage of the outcome of the litigation
  • For the duration of the litigation an account manager is appointed to the case, to communicate and interact with the client, as well as with the lawyers handling the litigation.
  • CCLP prefers to work with the clients lawyers, who are familiar with the case and its history. If additional litigation power or expertise is required CCLP will use its extensive international network of experts in various fields to provide such additional expertise.
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When a claim is successfully litigated, CCLP will receive the agreed upon share of the outcome. In case of a loss, CCLP will lose its investment without recourse to the client.

Steps of litigation funding at CCLP

  1. Claim presentation through counsel, broker or directly, but preferably through the client’s lawyer.
  2. Quick scan of the case based on set requirements. If evaluated positively the case will be reviewed in detail.
  3. Claim acceptance by CCLP. Client receives a detailed proposal for funding.
  4. A personal appointment takes place between CCLP and the client prior to reaching a funding agreement.
  5. If the proposal is accepted, the client is assigned an account manager and the legal process will be started.
  6. Result of litigation: No negative financial consequences for the client, regardless of the outcome of the claim. The funder will either receive the agreed part of the claim or lose its investment.

The partners at CCLP combine over 100 years of experience and have a proven track record in legal support and litigations. CCLP has entered into a strategic cooperation with other international providers of litigation finance and has access to large networks of law firms in countries around the world.

Every litigation is distinctly unique. Your case will be dealt with by our team of highly skilled lawyers, legal specialists and litigators. All clients and cases are treated with the best possible care and utmost confi-dentiality, working towards the best possible outcome.

At CCLP we know how important personal contact is. For the duration of the process, one or two persons of contact are assigned to a specific client and case. Our dedicated account managers will take a hands-on approach to guide clients through the entire process.

Advisory Board

Hans Koets

Mr. Hans Koets studied law at the Vrije Universtiteit van Amsterdam. After completing his studies he started practising law in 1982, and in 1986 he co-founded the law-firm Köster en Smit. Today he is senior partner of Köster Advocaten in Haarlem. Hans is a very driven lawyer, specialized in litigation, corporate law and fraud related cases. Although highly specialized in these areas, he is also a generalist with a broad experience and understanding of diverse businesses. Often his advice is sought due to his diverse experience and his skills as litigator and corporate lawyer. Recently Hans has joined the Advisory Board of Claim Capital Litigation Partners LLP, offering his expertise and experience to the dynamic field of litigation finance.

Marco R. Gerritsen

Marco R. Gerritsen (1966) has been a practicing lawyer since 1994. He is a versatile and driven lawyer, and in his practice he has been focused on corporate law and intellectual property rights. In addition he has been involved in a number of so-called class action suits. Marco obtained (inter)national recognition representing the more than 6.000 relatives and survivors of the victims of the Srebrenica drama –known as the Mothers of Srebrenica- against the State of The Netherlands and the United Nations. He also gained recognition in the procedure where he represented over 1.200 café’s and bars (united in the Stichting “Red de Kleine Horeca Ondernemer”) in their opposition to overly rigid anti-smoking legislation. Marco is partner with the lawfirm of Oomen & Sweep in Haarlem, and recently has joined the Advisory Board of Claim Capital Litigation Partners LLP.

Strategic partnership

CCLP has a strategic cooperation with a major litigation fund in the USA, with many years of experience in litigation funding, and substantial financial resources. Expertise and means are combined to provide litigation finance solutions to cover the Dutch and Western European Markets.

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