What is litigation funding

It happens all too often in lawsuits that one party is clearly right but has to withdraw because they are no match for their opponents financial strength. Too often, lawsuits are won by those who can afford to fight for a long period of time. Litigation funding ensures a level playing field for plaintiffs and defendants. Litigation funding also unlocks the value of legal claims by advancing funds to plaintiffs or defendants before their cases are resolved.

How does litigation funding work?

Litigation funding transfers all or part of the financial risk of a legal dispute to the capital provider. The capital provided can be used not only to pay attorneys’ fees and expenses related to the prosecution or defense of legal proceedings, but also for business activities or to pay off or refinance debts. Litigation funding not only ensures that legal proceedings can be financed, but also gives companies the freedom to make the best use of their existing capital resources.

Why make use of litigation funding?

The reasons for wanting to make use of litigation funding solutions can vary, but there are some reasons we get to hear more often than others. One obvious reason is that the financial resources are lacking to file or defend a lawsuit.

In some cases, the financial resources are available on paper, but there is a desire to keep this off the balance sheet. The reason for this can of course differ, but it often comes down to the most efficient use of capital.

Furthermore, litigation financing can be a resource for companies that have business opportunities, where it is more advantageous to allocate existing financial resources to other projects than to finance a legal claim.

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