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It’s a term which you may have come across once or twice: litigation finance. But what is litigation finance? Litigation financing is sometimes defined as a transaction in which a third party provides the financial means to companies to be able to conduct or continue a lawsuit. This offers a chance to level out the playing field, because both parties have a standing chance and not which party has the deeper pockets.

Claim Capital Litigation Partners offers litigation financing services which covers all legal costs of the client regarding the agreed upon lawsuit. Not only do we cover the costs, but we also put our team of lawyers with extensive experience to work. Our services are based on no cure no pay, which means there is basically no financial risk for our clients.

This is what CCLP can do for you

Claim Capital Litigation Partners works creatively to find the solution that is best fitted to your legal dispute. Every situation is different, which means that it needs to be catered in a different and unique manner. Financial solutions require clear times frames and that is exactly what you can expect from us. We will make sure all necessary costs are covered, that a strong case will be built, and we also ensure clear communication throughout the entire process. Our team of experienced legal experts will make sure that everything that needs to be done will be done.

How does our litigation finance work?

To be considered for our litigation finance services, our experts will first have to analyze your case. If the probability of success is acceptable, we will accept the case and continue with the process. This means that all legal costs will be covered by CCLP’s litigation finance. We will build a case around your situation, supported by our years of experience.

In case of a positive outcome regarding the lawsuit, we will charge a fee. If Claim Capital Litigation Partners by any reason, is not able to win the case, the loss will be on our account. You will be free of all costs, no strings attached. Litigation finance with CCLP is a “no cure, no pay” concept.

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