Legal financing

Sometimes it’s inevitable to prosecute. There are many reasons to go to court, such as overdue claims. The expenditures that are necessary to start this process can be quite high and feel like a big barrier to proceed. Legal financing makes it possible to take down this barrier. At Claim Capital Litigation Partners we assist you in every step during the process of legal financing.

What is legal financing?

Legal financing is a process in which legal costs are funded by a third party. Hereby litigants can finance their case or other legal costs with funding the third party provides. In exchange for this funding, the legal financing party receives a percentage share of the settlement. Disputes that often benefit from legal case financing are contract breaches, intellectual property infringements, bankruptcies, and insolvencies.

The benefits of CCLP in financing your legal costs

At Claim Capital Litigation Partners we assist those who don’t have the required means to go to court with a rightful claim. With over a century in experience in legal support and litigations we know the required steps to achieve a positive outcome. Besides financing your legal costs, our highly skilled lawyers and other specialists will assist you in every step during the process. A personal approach is one of our main characteristics. You will only have one or two persons of contact during the whole process and our dedicated account managers will guide you with a hands-on approach.

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Are you looking for legal financing for your case? Claim Capital Litigation Partners has a proven track record in financing your legal costs. With a combined experience of over 100 years, we know exactly what is needed to settle your dispute and assists you in financing your legal fees. You can get in touch with our partners via +31 85 130 7584 or fill out our contact form below.

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